To innovate is

to shatter impossibility

Cutting-edge robotics lwan mowers is the beginning to the mission of Mammotion. Utilizing best-in-class robotics and battery-powered technology, Mammotion offers the professionals and consumers new-generation electric automonous robotic lawn mowers. Lawn mowing has never been so smart and easy. 

Mammotion is committing to reshaping and leading a smarter and more efficient eco-friendly outdoor lifestyle by providing more solutions in breakthrough electric robotics outdoor power tools.


Cutting-edge robotic lawnmowers are just the beginning of our mission. 

Mammotion commits to reshaping a more intelligent, efficient, eco-friendly outdoor lifestyle by providing solutions in innovative robots. 

Behind Our Innovations

Our team's core members come from global leading robotic and UAV companies - all highly experienced in the robot industry, including mechanical control, robotic chassis, sensor fusion, and autonomous driving algorithm technology,etc.


Production Base


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