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Do I need to mulch or blow grass clippings? 

You don’t have to worry about picking-up in most situations, because we kindly suggest the cutting height of 1-2cm for lawn maintenance. The grass clippings will be quickly decomposed into your lawn’s soil and they are great fertilizer.

How fast is it?

 Working speed is 0.4m/s.

Can I run two machines from the same app?

Yes, the APP can manage multiple devices at the same time.

RTK requires a base station for proper locations corrections on the receiving (rover) antena, in this case the mower itself. How does the mower achieves RTK solution with one gos antena only?              

the RTK reference station has an antenna, and the rover also has an antenna inside with it.

How high is the antenna?                                                                                                                                                                                                             

The standard height of the RTK antenna receiver is 1.8m. You can also set the antenna on the roof of your house. Please note that additional extension rods or installation kits are also included in the package.

What is the RPM of Luba ?                                                                                                                                                                                                          

3,500 RPM

Does Luba supports 2.4 and 5 ghz?                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Currently only 2.4 is supported

What is the battery capacity and charging time? How long can Luba be used after charging?

What is the battery capacity and charging time? How long can Luba be used after charging?

If the blades immediately stop when the mower is lifted?

Yes, Luba is equipped with lift sensors, ultrasonic sensors, crash sensors, tilt sensors and other safety sensors. Actions that comply with safety regulations will be taken in response to abnormal situations. For example, when a lift occurs, the lift sensor will be triggered, and both the cutter head and the hub motor will stop.

What is RTK,and how is it work?

Luba's Intelligent Navigation System with RTK and multi-sensor fusion ensures precise positioning in the cm-level accuracy, making it a breakthrough in autonomous lawn mowing. With a full constellation and full-frequency RTK module and patented algorithm to improve positioning stability, Luba continues to mow even when the satellite signal is temporarily weak.

Can the app be used remotely, for example when I am not at home?

The app has two connection modes: Bluetooth connection and network connection. The Bluetooth connection allows mobile phones and Luba to connect within a short distance so that you can use the app for device activation/authentication/control/mission planning and other functions. The network connection allows mobile phones and Luba to connect within a long distance using WIFI, so you can view the status and set operating parameters remotely.

Will Luba have the ability to leave one lawn, cross the driveway/path and then mow another section of lawn?

The planned cutting algorithm routes enable Luba to efficiently map the mowing routes between different zones. Just simply use an interconnect app to map connecting paths for separate mowing areas and select the most optimizing mode and start mowing in different patterns.

What is the maximum distance between the base and the operating mower? 

When there is no any blockage, the distance is around 80m.

Is it necessary that the complete yard is covered with WiFi to get online status information where Luba is mowing.

 Once the mission is set it gets to do the whole workflow itself even without WIFI, you can receive messages about Luba's status remotely on your cell phone.

Does the RTK base station need to be connected to the charging station? 

Thanks for your comment. RTK base station does not need to be connected to the charging station. You can put the charging station anywhere you want!

What has the mower got I'm terms of security?

Set alarm and send message the the owner when the mower is moved abnormally.

Using geofence and lock itself when out of the geofence, can be only activated which certain PIN.

Mammotion Tech does the charging station act as a base station to assist with gps corrections when RTK loses signal under trees?

The RTK system of Luba can use all frequency,all system( GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and Galileo) RTK module, which makes Luba revieve more satellite signal and enhance the positioning robustness .

We have add other sensors such as IMU and also work a lot on our fusion argorithom and working strategy to enhance the usability and robustness of our system even the area is partly covered by tree or building.

How does it behave towards small animals like hedgehogs ?

Luba can detect obstacles as small as 2 inches and avoid them in lawns thanks to 4 ultrasonic radars.