The Real 

Autonomous Commercial 

Robot Lawn Mower

Meet Smart YUKA

~ Explore the future of mowing ~

YUKA is the top-of-the-line choice of the battery-powered robotics lawn mower for professionals to manage the task of mowing lawn and weed for the medium and large park, garden, forestry and more complex terrains and slopes. Meet YUKA Robotic Mower and free up your hand and the cost of mowing. 

Municipal Lawn

Landscape parks

Large orchards

River embankments

Say Goodbye to Cable Boundary 

Based on a cutting-edge, centimeter-level and high-precision GPS-RTK satellite positioning system. Just use smartphone app to connect YUKA to set up the virtual boundary to keep your automower YUKA in check of cutting boundary.

High-Effective Mowing Algorithm

Based on the advanced intelligent route algorithms, the YUKA supports multi-planned mowing modes to be adapted to the requirements of complex and uneven terrain, and to ensure lawn beauty of medium and large lawns.

Autonomous Obstacle Detection 

The YUKA is integrated with 4 ultrasonic radars and the reliable LIDAR mapping. It is capable of accurately detecting and avoiding obstacles, such as the tree branches, rocks, pets, and pedestrians.


YUKA mows up to 12,000㎡ once charged, 7 times reduced cost and zero pollution.

Electric Lawn Mower YUKA

Traditional Fuel Mower



YUKA possesses the powerful  AWD System to easily conquered challenging garden scenes such as slopes, river dams, hills, bushes, etc. With a quickly replaced battery design of up to 48 Ah (2 pcs) and all-weather resistance, YUKA cuts the grass all day.

Dual Cutting plates 

Climbing Ca. 75% slope

Fast-charging Battery

IPX6 Waterproof

Auto Collection and Unloading of Grass

With the innovative basket design for grass collection based on synchronous cutting and suction blades, users just need to collect the cut grass in the specified location.

More Benefits of YUKA


Easy to transport

7X 24h Cutting

Avoid mechanical damage

Zero emission

Lower manager cost

Tech Specifications


  • Dimensions (body lwh): 1050 x 925 x 777mm 
  • Dimensions (with grass collection frame, lwh): 1405 x 925 x 777mm
  • Weight (kg): ≈ 80kg

Battery Capability

  • Battery capacity: 48Ah (24Ah x 2)
  • Charge time (min): <3h(2 pieces)
  • Battery life (min): <3h(2 pieces)

Operatonal Capacity

  • Operational capacity: Up to 4000m²/h
  • Cutting width(mm): 800mm
  • Control method: Remote control+APP
  • Climbing ability (%): 35 degrees(70% Slope)
  • Cutting height (mm): 25-105

Autonomous System

  • Planned mowing modes: Yes
  • Supports RTK satellite positioning: Yes
  • Autonomous obstacle avoidance: LiDAR+ Ultrasonic Radar
  • Supports cruise control: Yes
  • Multi-block planning mowing: Yes
  • Multi-mowing mode support status: Yes